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Little Boy

From the Rock Island Argus, April 1, 1914. By Henry Howland.

My little boy, the way is long
    That you shall have to go;
God grant you may be brave and strong
    To do your part, to show
Whate’er may be the goal you seek,
    Whate’er the height you gain,
Consideration for the weak
    And those who strive in vain.

My little boy, ambition’s call
    Will oft be sweet to you;
God grant you strength to turn from all
    That wicked men pursue,
To let no gain come to your hand
    If blood must be the price,
To spurn the profits that demand
    Another’s sacrifice.

My little boy, with all to learn
    And laughing still at play,
God give you manliness to spurn
    What honor thrusts away,
To keep you free from guile and greed,
    Where’er your course may lie,
To do the brave, heroic deed,
    Though doing it, you die.

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