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Lucky Kid

From the Rock Island Argus, October 17, 1912.
By Duncan M. Smith.

 My pa he handles popcorn balls,
   And he sells peanuts, too,
 And lots of other things like that
   That make you want to chew.
 And sometimes I can go along
   And help him wait on trade,
 Especially if it’s a time
   He’s selling lemonade.
 My pa he fills his basket up,
   And he goes everywhere.
 When other people have to pay
   He walks right in the fair.
 Sometimes he lets me go along
   The gatemen they just grin
 And say when pa says, “That’s my kid,”
   “Just take him right on in.”
 My pa he has a lot of friends
   For everywhere he goes
 It seems that every one he meets
   Is some one that he knows.
 They chat with him a little while
   And then most always say,
 “I guess I’ll take some peanuts or
   A ball of corn today.”
 I’m awful sorry for the kids
   Whose fathers work in banks
 Or blacksmith shops or offices
   Or where they fill the tanks.
 They never get to go along,
   They must feel mighty bad.
 But I can go most anywhere,
   Because I help my dad.

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