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Making Sure of It

From The Birmingham Age Herald, December 14, 1913.

Where I went downtown with Mamma they had Santa in a store
Dressed up like you always see him, walking up and down the floor;
And they said if you would tell him what you wanted him to bring,
When he came around on Christmas, you’d get every single thing.

So I told him that I wanted most a nice big fancy doll,
One with lots of pretty dresses, hat and gloves and parasol,
And he said he’d see I got it, but I must be very good,
And be sure to learn my lessons and mind Mamma as I should.

Then we went a little further, to the next store in the square,
And no sooner were we in it than we saw a Santa there.
And it got me awful puzzled, till I stopped and thought it out,
And I saw that just one Santa never would get all about.

Course there must be plenty of them, like policemen on a beat,
And I wondered if the first one that I told would have our street;
Cause if they should send the other, how would he know what to do?
So to have my doll for certain, why I told that Santa, too.

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