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Much Impressed

From the Rock Island Argus, October 7, 1912.
By Duncan M. Smith.

 I took my little hopeful
   And sat him on my knee
 And tried to get the six-year-old
   To take advice from me.
 “I want you,” I said softly,
   “Always to be polite,
 And with the rude and naughty boys
   You must not scrap and fight.
 “With others do not quarrel
   And do not in your play
 Get angry with another boy
   Who wants to have his way.
 Give in without protesting,
   For you will always find
 That lasting friendships you will win
   By being true and kind.
 “Thus by your good example
   The other boys will see
 That it is better to be good
   And with their mates agree.
 Should one be so forgetful
   As to be rude or rough
 Turn on your heel and go away
   And he’ll feel bad enough.”
 ’Twas thus the lesson ended,
   And then I asked him, “Now,
 What would you do if some rude boy
   Should try to pick a row?”
 He thought about a minute,
   Then answered plain and clear:
 “I’ll tell you if you want to know.
   I’d biff him on the ear!”

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