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Nellie of Kelmar

From The Birmingham Age Herald, February 4, 1914.

The sunset bells had ceased their song;
    The sunset fires had gone,
And twilight, falling from the stars,
    Fell on us two alone.
Soft, undulating waves of grain
    Beneath the mountain’s crest
Lay as a mesh of silken lace
    Upon a sobbing breast.

The golden peaks just glorified
    Grew somber, sad and sear;
The whippoorwills began their flight,
    Yet I still lingered there.
For fairer than the roses wild
    And purer than each star
Was she who lingered by my side,
    Dear Nellie of Kelmar.

With passion deep my lips were fraught
    And breathed my bosom’s cry;
Then softer than the dying day
    Her answer was a sigh.
Oh bliss, oh rapture, treasured sweets,
    Of love dream void of pain;
I’d give my life, my soul, my all
    To live that hour again.

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