Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • October

    From The Birmingham Age Herald, October 6, 1914. By Folger McKinsey.

    A poem in the wind,
        A song in the sea;
    A dream in the sun,
        A hymn on the lea;
    A bird in the sky,
        A laugh in the morn;
    A heaven nearby
        And the gold in the corn.

    A wine in the blood,
        A fire in the heart;
    A will in the soul
        To be doing one’s part;
    A place in the world
        For the effort and zeal
    That ring with the joy
        Of the righteous and real.

    A dawn in the vale,
        A flame on the steep;
    A fire in the maple,
        A mist on the deep;
    A lilt and a lyric,
        A shout and a word;
    A streak of red wine
        On the breast of a bird.