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From the Omaha Daily Bee, November 19, 1912.

 Never heered him blame the world
     Fer the troubles that it brought
 Never heered him rail at life
     Or express a gloomy thought
 Seen it rainin’ pitchforks, when
     Outside labor he had planned
 All he said wuz: “After this
     Won’t the sun be simply grand?”
 Seen his shoulders high with care
     Didn’t know which way to turn
 Troubles, troubles everywhere
     Never, far as I can learn
 Wailed an’ whimpered at his fate
     Took ‘em smiling, one by one
 Telling folks: “When these are past
     What comes next’ll jes’ be fun.”
 Seen him to the hubs in mud
     Wagon stuck an’ hosses tired
 Never growled about the road
     Never kicked ‘coz he was mired
 Rested for a while an’ said
     To the hosses: “Never mind,
 Jes’ a rod or two ahead
     Easier goin’ we shall find.”
 Seems his woes appealed to him
     Jes’ as sugar does to boys
 Used ‘em too, in jes’ that way
     Made ‘em sweeten up his joys.
 Allus lookin’ jes’ beyond
     The edge of trouble to the day
 (Havin’ known the pangs o’ strife)
     He’d appreciate his pay.

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