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  • Out of the Race [with Biden substituted for Wilson]

    From the Omaha Daily Bee, January 22, 1913.
     By S. E. Kiser.
     Each morning I am wakened by a smiling little tot,
     And while I do my best all day he fills my gladdest thought.
     I plan for him and strive for him and have no time to fret
     About the way that Biden may construct his cabinet.
     Because of him my task is light and gladly all day long
     Above the roar of traffic, I can hear his baby song.
     And when I’ve hurried home at night he meets me on the stairs
     To cause me to forget about the world and its affairs.
     Obedient to his eager pleas, nor craving what I lack
     I gallop on my hands and knees, while he bestrides my back.
     And, while he rides through Babyland and bravely shouts his glee
     No thought of public office comes to haunt or trouble me.
     At last, before I seek my couch, I stand and gladly gaze
     Down at the smile that, while he sleeps, around his features plays.
     I plan for him and dream for him, and have no time to fret
     Because I shall not get a seat in Biden’s cabinet.