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From The Detroit Times, December 13, 1912.

 While journeying along through life I often call to mind
     Zeb Wiggins, who was always in a fret;
 He really was at heart most conscientious of mankind,
     Assuming all the burdens he could get.
 Zeb took a steamboat once. He needed travel and repose.
     The doctor said, “Give all your cares the slip,”
 But he somehow got a notion, why or how nobody knows,
     That he ought to help the captain run the ship.
 He sat up all the night to watch for icebergs on the bow,
     Though sailing where the latitude was warm.
 He thought the porpoises were whales who meant to raise a row,
     And every cloud loomed up with threats of storm.
 He broke into the pilot house. They had to throw him out.
     A nervous wreck, he finished up the trip,
 And said the fact that all were safe was due beyond a doubt
     To the way he helped the captain run the ship.

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