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  • Pa Has Had a Rest and Change

    From the Rock Island Argus, May 19, 1914. By Henry Howland.

    Pa’s got back from his vacation,
        With a look that’s wild and strange;
    Seems all full of tribulation,
        Though he’s had his rest and change;
    For a year he had been wishin’
        He could be alone somewhere,
    So he spent his two weeks fishin’,
        Far away from home and care.

    He has forty-seven places
        Where the hungry woodticks died;
    And the color of his face is
        Like a piece of beef that’s dried;
    Both his feet are full of blisters,
        Insects nearly ate him up,
    And last night he called my sister’s
        Beau a pompous little pup.

    Pa’s got back from his vacation,
        Lookin’ like a hungry tramp;
    Once he nearly faced starvation
        When he strayed away from camp.
    He must eat things predigested
        Till his health improves a lot;
    Comin’ home he was arrested
        For the only fish he got.