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  • Pipe Song

    From the New York Tribune, April 13, 1913.
     By Herbert Kaufman.
     A fig for your flagons of sour old wine!
     Let others seeks solace in beer—
     I don’t give a slam for the joys of the dram,
     It brings me no comfort nor cheer!
     I’ve no sorrows to drown,
     I am free from care’s frown,
     My morrows with promise are ripe,
     I don’t need a thing, I’m as good as a king,
     So long as I puff on my pipe.
     Just give me my pipe and a well laden pouch,
     And leave me alone with myself;
     I have more than enough while I sit here and puff,
     And forget about passions and pelf.
     You may toast as you please to the ladies who tease,
     And fuddle your senses with wine;
     But I know of no bliss that is equal to this—
     I’m content with this old pipe of mine.