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From the Rock Island Argus, November 25, 1912.
By Duncan M. Smith.

 If you cannot win a fortune
     That will feather well your nest
 You at least can earn a living
     If you work your level best.
 If you cannot make a million
     Where the highest stakes are played
 You can knock out several dollars
     Working daily at your trade.
 What’s the use of having money
     That you never hope to spend?
 It will only bring you trouble
     It is not your truest friend.
 If you settle with the grocer
     And can pay the butcher’s score
 With a little left for pleasure
     What can any one do more?
 For the man who has a million
     Only has one pair of eyes
 To behold the wondrous picture
     As old earth before him lies.
 He can only eat one breakfast
     Only occupy one bed
 Only wear one pair of slippers
     Have but one hat upon his head.
 If you cannot own an auto
     That will travel double quick
 You can stroll along the highway
     Where the autumn leaves are thick
 And whatever your situation
     In whatever niche you fit
 You can have a lot of pleasure
     If you make the best of it.

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