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  • Pride of Ancestry

    From the Rock Island Argus, October 12, 1912.
    By Duncan M. Smith.
     His ancestor a pirate was,
       And proudly he gave tongue
     Unto the fact that his forbear
       Had from a yardarm swung.
     For if you take it in the days
       When history was made
     A pirate was, you are aware,
       A very decent trade.
     He had his picture on the wall
       Where every one could look;
     His history was written up
       And printed in a book.
     And he was just a trifle proud
       And thought that he was great
     Because he had descended from
       That tough old ancient skate.
     He had a sort of pity for
       The person who came down
     From ancestors who never robbed
       A coast or burned a town.
     They might be all right in a way,
       But it was understood
     They couldn’t be so much, because
       Their ancestors were good.
     He wouldn’t hurt a worm himself;
       He wouldn’t kill a fly.
     He was a modest man without
       A wicked, piercing eye.
     I often wondered, could we turn
       Back to the ancient crowd,
     If that old fiery ancestor
       Of him would have been proud.