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Pros and Cons

From the Omaha Daily Bee, September 29, 1913.

Consider, ere you take a wife,
The pros and cons of wedded life.
Protracted wedlock’s safe to show
Vices contracted long ago—
The product of the honeymoon
Appears in conduct, very soon.
’Tis bliss profound to love, no doubt
But cares confound when love’s burnt out.

Professions maidens deem their due,
But wives demand confessions, too!
Where maids the merest protest heed,
A vigorous contest wives oft need!
The maid convokes the joys of life,
The wife provokes—this leads to strife.

Hugs in profusion maids allot
Confusion is the underplot!
Yet doubtless wedlocks product should,
All said and done, conduce to good—
In the procession, if you’d take
Your proper place, concessions make—
The province of this humble verse
Is to convince—things might be worse!

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