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Sad Case of Travers Green

From The Birmingham Age-Herald, April 29, 1913.

 When Travers Green was feeling gay
 He lightly sought some cabaret
 And when “Fleurette” began to dance
 He’d give a connoisseur’s glance,
 As if to all the world to say,
 “I know what’s what in a cabaret.”
 Anon he sipped the sparkling wine,
 Where countless lights were wont to shine;
 His dress was faultless to behold,
 His manners easy, yet not bold,
 And had you but observed hime there,
 You would have thought him free from care.
 Alas! Alack for Travers Green!
 No more in gilded haunts is seen;
 His dad who used his bills to pay
 For motors, clubs and cabaret,
 And costly clothes and chorus girls
 And many, many merry whirls
 Has cut poor Travers off without
 The wherewithal to roam about;
 And since this youth has never toiled,
 Nor felt his hands by labor soiled,
 What lies before I cannot say,
 But he dines no more in a cabaret.

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