Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Summer Fiction

    From the Omaha Daily Bee, July 28, 1913. By Arthur Chapman.

    Ere Jones went on his prized vacation
        He said, “I’ll need some books to read;
    ’Twill add unto my recreation
        If I can scan a fiction screed.”
    So to the phone soon Jones was turning,
        And to the book store sent a call;
    “For fiction,” quoth Jones, “I am yearning,
        So send the new books—send them all.”

    And so, next morn, ere Jones was leaving,
        Two moving vans stopped at his door;
    The driver asked, “Shall we be heaving
        These books upon the lawn or floor?
    There’s seven more loads on the way, sir—
        Three motorcycle loads beside;
    The fiction crop this year they say, sir,
        Is heavy—that can’t be denied.”

    And Jones rushed out and saw them carting
        Love tales and “crook” yarns by the ton;
    “Oh, what,” he cried with optics starting,
        “Is this mad thing that I have done?”
    And straightaway in a heap he tumbled—
        The ambulance took him away—
    But still the fiction order rumbled
        Up to the Jones front door all day.