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  • The World Smiles On

    From The Topeka State Journal, February 5, 1914. By A. Walter Utting.

    Yesterday my kitty died.
    Yet this morning by the side
    Of our house a songbird came,
    And it warbled just the same
    As it did before my loss;
    And the bushes just across
    From the barn sang when the breeze
    Struck their twigs; and all the trees
    Acted just as glad and gay
    As they used to every day
    ‘Fore my kitty died! The sun
    Shined with brightness. Never one
    Seemed to know how much I cried
    ‘Cause my pretty kitty died.

    How can all the world smile on
    When my precious one has gone?
    How can joy and happiness
    Still exist while my distress
    Seems to flood this great big earth?
    Can’t they understand the worth
    Of my loss? Or can’t they know
    Of the dreadful, awful blow
    That has fallen on my heart?
    Why, I thought myself a part
    Of the world; thought when I sighed
    I would find that all had cried;
    Yet the sun shines just the same
    As before my sorrow came!