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  • A Picture

    From The Topeka State Journal, November 12, 1912.
    By Alice E. Allen. 
     I’ve a little picture—
         Artist? No one knows—
     Just a winding country road
         Where a glad wind blows;
     With a bit of forest,
         Cool and green and still
     Set against a morning sky,
         Rose and daffodil.
     There’s a brook that dances
         Underneath a bridge;
     There’s a wood-thrush singing
         Somewhere up the ridge.
     All the wind is honey-sweet
         With the wild sweet clover.
     ’Tis the place to pause and dream
         All your old dreams over.
     Oh, I wish that artist
         Somehow could be told
     Of the happiness he’s hid
         In his skies of gold;
     Could but know the joy it is
         Just to drop your load,
     And to go a-wandering
         Up his forest road.