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  • Vintage

    From the New York Tribune, July 26, 1915. By Amy Lowell.

    I will mix me a drink of stars—
    Large stars with polychrome needles,
    Small stars jetting maroon and crimson,
    Cool, quiet, green stars.
    I will tear them out of the sky,
    And squeeze them over an old silver cup,
    And I will pour the cold scorn of my Beloved into it,
    So that my drink shall be bubbled with ice.

    It will leap and scratch
    As I swallow it down;
    And I shall feel it as a serpent of fire,
    Coiling and twisting in my belly.
    His snortings will rise to my head,
    And I shall be hot, and laugh,
    Forgetting that I have ever known a woman.