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  • Lost Loves

    From the Albuquerque Morning Journal, November 7, 1914. By Andrew Lang.

    Who wins his love shall lose her,
        Who loses her shall gain;
    For still the spirit woos her—
        A soul without a stain
    And memory still pursues her
        With longings not in vain!

    He loses her who gains her,
        Who watches day by day
    The dust of time that stains her,
        The griefs that leave her gray,
    The flesh that yet enchains her
        Whose grace hath passed away!

    Oh, happier he who gains not
        The love some seem to gain;
    The joy that custom stains not
        Shall still with him remain;
    The loveliness that wanes not
        The love that ne’er can wane.

    In dreams she grows not older,
        The lands of dream among;
    Though all the world wax colder
        Though all the songs be sung;
    In dreams doth he behold her,
        Still fair and kind and young.