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  • ’Spacially Jim

    From The Bridgeport Evening Farmer, April 12, 1915. By Bessie Morgan.

    I was mighty good lookin’ when I wus young,
        Peert an’ black-eyed an’ slim.
    With fellers a-courtin’ me Sunday nights
        ‘Spacially Jim.

    The likeliest one of ‘em all wus he,
        Chipper an’ han’som an’ trim,
    But I tossed up my head an’ made fun o’ the crowd,
        ‘Spacially Jim.

    I said I hadn’t no ‘pinion o’ men,
        An’ I wouldn’t take stock in him,
    But they kep on a-comin’ in spite o’ my talk,
        ‘Spacially Jim.

    I got so tired o’ havin’ ‘em round,
        ‘Spacially Jim!
    I made up my mind I’d settle down
        An’ take up with him.

    So we wus married on Sunday in church,
        ’Twus crowded full to the brim.
    ‘Twus the only way to get rid of ‘em all—
        ‘Spacially Jim.