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  • My Teacher

    From the Grand Forks Daily Herald, December 30, 1914. By Charles H. Barker.

    To the desk of his teacher a little lad came,
    With his eyes downcast, and his cheeks aflame,
    And he said in a trembling and hesitant tone,
    “I’ve spoiled this leaf; may I have a new one?”

    In place of the sheet so stained and blotted,
    She gave him a new one, clean, unspotted.
    His tear-stained face she lifted, then smiled
    And said, “Try to do better now, my child.”

    To my Teacher I went on my knees, alone;
    The days had passed by and another year flown;
    “Dear Father, hast Thou not a new leaf for me?
    I’ve blotted this other so sadly, I see.”

    In place of the old year so soiled and blotted
    God gave me a new one, clean, unspotted.
    Then into my sorrowing heart He smiled,
    Saying, “Try to do better now, my child.”