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  • The Dawn of the New Day

    From the Rock Island Argus, January 2, 1915. By Edward Neville Vose.

    The old year dies ‘mid gloom and woe—
        The saddest year since Christ was born,
    And those who battle in the snow
        All anxious-eyed look for the morn—
    The morn when wars shall be no more,
        The morn when Might shall cease to reign,
    When hushed shall be the cannons’ roar
        And Peace shall rule the earth again.

    As ye from far survey the fray
        And strive to succor those who fall,
    Let each give thanks that not today
        To us the clarion bugles call—
    That not today to us ’tis said,
        “Bow down the knee, or pay the cost
    Till all ye loved are maimed or dead,
        Till all ye had is wrecked and lost.”

    Should that grim summons to us come
        God grant we’d all play heroes’ parts,
    And bravely fight for land and home
        While red blood flows in loyal hearts.
    But now a duty nobler far
        Has come to us in this great day—
    We are the nations’ guiding star,
        They look to us to lead the way.

    They look to us to lead the way
        To liberty for all the world.
    The dawning of that better day
        When war’s torn banners shall be furled—
    The day when men of every race
        Their right divine shall clearly see
    To rule themselves by their own grace,
        Forever and forever free.