Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • We’re All A-Fishin’

    From The Detroit Times, May 5, 1913.
     By Frank R. Leet.
     Pop sez that this world we live in
         Is one big fishin’ pond
     An’ we’ve all been fishin’ fer somethin’
         Since th’ time the first day dawned.
     He sez some are fishin’ fer trouble
         An’ others are fishin’ fer fame
     An’ the banks of life are alive with girls
         A-fishin’ to change their names.
     He sez the grafters are fishin’ fer suckers
         Newly weds are fishin’ fer bliss
     Ministers are fishin’ fer souls to save
         The lover to hook a kiss.
     He sez the vain ones are fishin’ fer compliments
         The bums are fishin’ fer booze
     The nabobs are fishin’ fer diamonds and things
         The poor fer food and shoes.
     He sez that we’re at it all of the time
         A-fishin’ fer what we wish
     So, when I’m not really a-fishin’ fer fish
         I’m fishin’ to fish fer fish.