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  • Amoris Dementia

    From The Sun, March 12, 1914. By George B. Morewood.

    I’m sick all through, from top to toes
    The way my pulses ebb and flow
    Would seem to indicate, alack,
    That my complaint is cardiac;
    But I have lost all taste for food,
    So gastric ills I must include;
    Again, though far indeed from death,
    At times a catch comes in my breath;
    My bosom heaves till ‘twould appear
    That pulmonary trouble’s near.
    Next there’s a tingling of the nerves
    That diagnosis well deserves,
    Since of all ills by which man’s cursed
    The neuropathic are the worst.
    I met a lady fair last week
    To whom I found it hard to speak.
    My vocal cords must be amiss.
    Else, whence came their paralysis?
    Cerebric lesions, too, I fear,
    Because my mind was far from clear.
    But I’ve one symptom stranger yet,
    Though thus completely I’m upset.
    Life seems more joyous, strange to tell,
    Than e’er it did when I was well.
    What’s wrought me up to such a pitch?
    I am the victim of a witch!
    I feel her spell is o’er me thrown,
    ’Tis she can cure and she alone!