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  • Conceit

    From the Omaha Daily Bee, November 10, 1914. By George Cohan.

    I’m the best pal that I ever had.
        I like to be with me;
    I like to sit and tell myself
        Things confidentially.

    I often sit and ask me
        If I shouldn’t or I should,
    And I find that my advice to me
        Is always pretty good.

    I never got acquainted with
        Myself till here of late;
    And I find myself a bully chum.
        I treat me simply great.

    I talk with me and walk with me
        And show me right and wrong;
    I never knew how well myself
        And I could get along.

    I never try to cheat me;
        I’m as truthful as can be,
    No matter what may come or go
        I’m on the square with me.

    It’s great to know yourself, and have
        A pal that’s all your own;
    To be such company for yourself
        You’re never left alone.

    You’ll try to dodge the masses,
        And you’ll find the crowds a joke
    If you only treat yourself as well
        As you treat other folk.

    I’ve made a study of myself,
        Compared with me the lot,
    And I’ve finally concluded
        I’m the best friend I’ve got.

    Just get together with yourself
        And trust yourself with you,
    And you’ll be surprised how well yourself
        Will like you if you do.