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  • In the “Zoo”

    From The Sun, July 12, 1914. By George T. Marsh.

    Exiles, they tread their narrow bounds
        Behind the iron bars.
    Where’er they turn the hand of man
        Their straining vision mars,
    Save only when at night they gaze
        Upon the friendly stars.

    See! There a golden eagle broods
        With glazed, unseeing eyes
    That never more will sweep the snows
        Where blue Sierras rise;
    And there, sick for his native hills,
        A sullen panther lies.

    What dreams of silent polar nights
        Disturb the white bear’s sleep?
    Roams he once more unfettered where
        Eternal ice flows sweep?
    What memories of the jungle’s ways
        Does that gaunt tiger keep?

    Such wistful eyes the hartebeest turn
        Beyond their cramped domain.
    They seem to see the yellowing leagues
        Of wind swept veldt again.
    And look, a springbok lifts his head
        As though he smelled the plain.

    Exiles, they tread their narrow bounds
        Behind the iron bars.
    For thus the ruthless hand of man
        Each God-made creature mars.
    But oh, what hungry eyes they raise
        Up to the friendly stars!