Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • At a Gate On the Hill

    From The Birmingham Age Herald, December 16, 1914. By Gervais Gage.

    At a gate on the hill in the parting hour,
        When the wind blew soft on the sea,
    He laid in the maiden’s hand a flower;
        “O sweet, thy pledge from me!
            Years shall be sped, the flower be dead,
                But not my love to thee;
                    O not my love to thee!
                It liveth still in a heart on the hill
                    In a tender memorie!”

    At a gate on the hill, in a weary hour
        When the rough wind vexed the sea,
    She held in her hand the faded flower;
        “O sweet, my pledge from thee!
            The years are sped, the flower is dead,
                But not thy love to me,
                    Tho there come no news from the sea;
                It liveth still in a heart on the hill
                    In a quenchless memorie!”

    On a grave by the hill he knelt—alone,
        The wanderer, back from the sea;
    He knelt alone by a white gravestone;
        And carven curiously,
            The scroll he read: —“The flower is dead;
                But not thy love in me,
                    Tho thou stayest long on the sea;
                By a higher hill it waiteth still,
                    At a fairer gate for thee;
                In a deathless tryst with thee!”