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  • Let’s Go Fishing

    From The San Francisco Call, May 4, 1913.
     By Hazen Conklin.
     All day long I sit a-dreaming
     Of a brook, its waters gleaming
     As it splashes, dances, races
     On its way ‘mongst woodsy places;
     Of a troutbrook, pooled and ready
     For the hand that’s quick and steady.
     Though my desk, in hopeless clutter
     Calls me back to bread and butter
     Work seems sordid, unromantic
     Its insistences pedantic
     And I sit a-dreaming, wishing:
     Come on, Tom, let’s go a-fishing!
     In my fancy I am wading
     Where the arching trees are shading
     Pools where fondly one surmises
     One can coax those lighting “rises”
     Overhung by rocks, moss-garnished
     Under which, with truth unvarnished
     One can swear the big trout darted
     Just before the trout line parted.
     Say! What is the call of duty
     When compared to speckled beauty!
     I can hear my line a-swishing:
     Come on, Dick, let’s go a-fishing!
     Oh! This beastly grind of working!
     Can’t you feel the fever jerking
     At your coat sleeve, coaxing, teasing
     Saying: “Come, we’ll find appeasing
     For the appetite within you,”
     All the while that you continue
     Adding figures, scribbling phrases
     Threading stupid business mazes?
     Rod and reel and flies and hamper
     Right across each page they scamper.
     Be a sport and stop your wishing:
     Come on, Harry, let’s go FISHING!