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  • The Bright Scenes of Nature

    From the Newark Evening Star, February 26, 1915. By J. McKenna.

    In the bright scenes of nature no greater delights
    Than the bright summer mornings and clear, cloudless nights,
    When we think of the beauty of land and of sea
    Then our hearts fill with gladness and happy are we.
    No picture, how skillful, will ever compare
    To the bright scenes of nature so charming and fair,
    The hills and the valleys, the clear running stream,
    All blending together in beauty serene.

    Let us gaze on the sun, on the sweet summer days
    When it shines in all splendor with bright golden rays.
    Once more let us turn to the sky in the West,
    Bright day is declining, all nature at rest.
    Let us list to the nightingale sing in the trees
    And inhale the sweet roses in June’s gentle breeze
    When we sail o’er the ocean, the moon sparkling bright,
    Reflects on the water its clear, silvery light.

    What joy and what pleasure when evening comes on
    To list to the strains of sweet music and song,
    To meet the dear friends that we all love so well
    In our dear native homestead, where happiness dwells.
    The bright scenes of nature and friends that we love
    Is a reflex of Heaven, the land up above.
    Soon springtime and summer once more will be here
    To bring joy and gladness, fond hopes and good cheer.