Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Dawn of Peace

    From The Birmingham Age-Herald, January 18, 1913.
     By John Ruskin.
     Put off, put off your mail, O kings,
     And beat your brands to dust,
     Your hands must learn a surer grasp,
     Your hearts a better trust.
     Oh, bend aback the lance’s point,
     And break the helmet bar;
     A noise is in the morning wind,
     But not the note of war.
     Upon the grassy mountain paths,
     The glittering hosts increase;
     They come, they come! How fair their feet—
     They come who publish peace.
     And victory, fair victory,
     Our enemies are ours;
     For all the clouds are clasped in light
     And all the earth with flowers.
     Ay, still depressed and dim with dew,
     But wait a little while;
     And with the radiant deathless rose
     The wilderness shall smile.
     And every dainty tender thing
     Shall feed by streams of rest;
     No lamb shall from the flock be lost,
     Nor nursling from the nest.