Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Just Before the Wedding

    From The Times Dispatch, June 7, 1914. By Lida Keck Wiggins.

    The bride:

    “I wonder if Tom’s mother will like me,
        Or if she will poke fun at all I do;
    I wonder if the nice things she will see
        About me that her son professes to!
    I wonder!”

    The bride’s mother:

    “I wonder if at home he’ll nightly stay,
        And if he will continue to adore her;
    I wonder if she’ll manage him the way
        I have her dear old doting dad before her!
    I wonder!”

    The bridegroom:

    “I wonder if Jeanne’s mother will turn out
        To be a ma-in-law to conjure fear;
    I wonder if she’ll often be about,
        And if she’ll always be so sweet and dear!
    I wonder!”

    The bridegroom’s mother:

    “I wonder if Tom’s wife knows how to cook,
        And if she’ll think I’m very queer and prim;
    I wonder how her house is going to look,
        And if she’s really good enough for him!
    I wonder!”

    The fathers (in chorus):

    “We wonder how much money it will take
        To keep them going for a year or two;
    We wonder if those kids will really make
        A fortune, as they’re planning now to do!
    We wonder!”