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  • Auctioning Off the Baby

    From the Grand Forks Daily Herald, March 5, 1915. By Mary T. Holley.

    What am I offered for Baby?
        Dainty, dimpled and sweet
    From the curls above his forehead
        To the beautiful rosy feet,
    From tips of his wee pink fingers
        To the light of his clear blue eyes
    What am I offered for Baby?
        Who’ll buy? Who’ll buy? Who’ll buy?

    What am I offered for Baby?
        “A shop full of sweets?” Ah, no!
    That’s too much beneath his value
        Who is sweetest of all below!
    The naughty, beautiful darling!
        One kiss from his rosy mouth
    Is better than all the dainties
        Of East, or West, or South.

    What am I offered for Baby?
        “A pile of gold?” Ah dear,
    Your gold is too hard and heavy
        To purchase my brightness here.
    Would the treasures of all the mountains
        Far in the wonderful lands
    Be worth the clinging and clasping
        Of these dear little peach blow hands?

    So what am I offered for Baby?
        “A rope of diamonds?” Nay,
    If your brilliants were larger and brighter
        Than the stars of the milky way,
    Would they ever be half so precious
        As the light of those lustrous eyes
    Still full of the heavenly glory
        They brought from beyond the skies?

    Then what am I offered for Baby?
        “A heart full of love and a kiss.”
    Well if anything ever could tempt me
        ‘Twould be such an offer as this.
    But how can I know if your loving
        Is tender and true and divine
    Enough to repay what I’m giving
        In selling this sweetheart of mine?

    So we will not sell the Baby!
        Your gold and gems and stuff
    Were they ever so rare and precious
        Would never be half enough!
    For what would we care, my dearie,
        What glory the World put on
    If our beautiful darling was going,
        If our beautiful darling was gone?