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  • A New Year Apostrophe

    From the Omaha Daily Bee, December 28, 1913. By Richard Linthicum.

    A baby smiles in its mother’s face,
    There at her breast in a soft embrace—
    A life beginning and all to learn;
    A mother’s heart that shall leap and yearn,
    Teaching the dimpled feet to walk,
    Teaching the honeyed mouth to talk!
    O Time, make haste for the baby dear
    And speed the coming of each New Year!

    A youth with the fire and blood of spring
    And hope that rises on eager wing,
    Thrills at the sight of a maiden’s blush,
    Stirring his heart with the first hot flush
    Of love requited, that finds its mate
    And yet but a little while must wait,
    Watches and listens thy step to hear;
    O speed thy coming, thou sweet New Year!

    In manhood’s prime there is standing one,
    And all but his greatest task is done;
    Beyond his reach but before his eyes
    Greatest of all is the final prize;
    Yet but a little he’ll hold it fast,
    A year and a day ’twill be his last,
    Conquering spirit that knows not fear,
    Bidding thee hasten, O brave New Year!

    Gray is the crown of a wholesome life
    And peace the benison sweet of strife;
    An aged man with his strength nigh spent,
    With nerves a-tremble, his slight form bent,
    Erect in spirit and white of soul,
    With steps that falter, is near the goal;
    With eyes bedimmed but a faith that’s clear,
    He craves but thy rest, O blest New Year!