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  • To Beatrice

    From The Birmingham Age-Herald, June 9, 1914. By Richard Mansfield.

        Bring me that coat!
    I wore it when I wooed her first!
    Her mittened hand was on the sleeve
    And stayed me when I feigned to read
    Her silence a command to leave.

    Search well the pockets, will you find
    A tiny, useless bit of lace?
    I stole it from the hand that hid
    The smile that dawned upon her face.

        Bring me that coat!
    Be sure no vestige of these now
    Of amber-scented lock no trace?
    There is a silent witness still
    More precious far than glove or lace!

    ’Tis here where you may scarcely see
    The little rent a blackthorn tore;
    That’s where her loving fingers delved,
    That’s where her loving glances bore!

    Look at the stitches close and neat,
    You’ll barely find the rent I tore—
    She mended all my life like that!
    Bring me that coat, that coat once more!