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  • The Death the Soldier Dies

    From the Newark Evening Star, October 5, 1914. By Robert Burns Wilson.

    Such is the death the soldier dies;
        He falls, the column speeds away;
    Upon the dabbled grass he lies,
        His brave heart following still, the fray.

    The smoke wreaths drift among the trees,
        The battle storms along the hill;
    The glint of distant arms he sees,
        He hears his comrades shouting still.

    A glimpse of far-borne flags, that fade
        And vanish in the roiling din;
    He knows the sweeping charge is made,
        The cheering lines are closing in.

    Unmindful of his mortal wound,
        He faintly calls and seeks to rise;
    But weakness drags him to the ground.
        Such is the death the soldier dies.