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  • Solace

    From The Birmingham Age-Herald, June 12, 1914. By Walter Malone.

    When I am bowed with grief, let me not say,
    “Lord, I am cheered in my adversity
    To know that countless thousands in this world
    Today are bowed with burdens heavier
    Than those allotted unto me.” Let not
    The selfish thought that hearts of others ache
    With pangs more poignant than mine own be made
    A balm to soothe me to contentedness.
    No, rather let me say, “Though I am thrall
    To sorrow, it is comfort unto me
    To know that countless others at this hour
    Are glad of heart. I thank Thee that my gloom
    Eclipses not the noontide of their joy.”
    O brother, though my heart be desolate,
    Lonely and dreary, let my solace be
    To know that in Thy house is warmth and love,
    Dancing and feasting, and the sound of mirth;
    Yes, brother, let my worthier comfort be to know
    Thy path is bright though mine is dark.