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  • Mother’s Day Remembrance

    From the Omaha Daily Bee, May 11, 1913.
     By Will B. Tomlinson.
     Toward glories eternal, a vision appears
     Through the mists of the morning, the sunshine and tears.
     ’Tis the smile of my Mother, as sacred with joy
     As the greeting celestial she bends to her boy.
     And her love is as true and as precious to me
     As it was in the years when I knelt at her knee
     And her hand in caressing lay soft on my head
     As she prayed for a blessing, in days that are fled.
     Often wayward and thoughtless I know I have been.
     I have wounded the heart that appealed for me then.
     Still, I feel that in heaven I’m never forgot
     For if others forsake me, my Mother will not.
     When I look at myself, I’ve nothing to claim—
     Neither merit, nor wealth, nor plaudits of fame.
     But I grudge not to others such blessings as fall
     For the love of my Mother is better than all.
     Here’s a blossom, the fairest, as pure as the dew
     Else I never could wear it, dear Mother, for you.
     And I would that its fragrance were wafted afar
     Like the vapor of incense, or beam of a star
     Till it tells you in heaven, with breathings divine
     That I love you, dear Mother, sweet Mother of mine.