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  • Rosemary—For Remembrance

    From The Topeka State Journal, June 19, 1915. By Willard Wattler.

    When I would go a-walking
    In springtime on the green
    As other hearty lads may do
    With loves to look and lean,
    There is a hand, a wasted hand
    That slips our hands between.

    And when I bend above you
    And lean to touch your lips,
    Another face is lifted
    As the white heron dips,
    When all the sailor lads come home
    Who man the lonely ships.

    And were we two together
    Too close to breathe or stir,
    With stars our wakeful candles
    Upon strewn boughs of fir,
    I could not lie beside you
    And not remember her.