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The Believer

From The Detroit Times, January 31, 1913.
 By Berton Braley.

 The game may be a hard one and the cash come slow
 You may be hoeing bravely on a long, long row.
 Perhaps the goal you’re seeking seems so far away
 That you wonder if the effort can be made to pay.
 But just when you are weary and the world seems vile,
 There’s something happens to you and it’s all worth while;
 For love comes in the picture, and your dreams come true
 When you find a little woman who believes in you.
 When the world is blind and careless through the long, long years
 When it doesn’t seem to bother with your hopes or fears
 When your friends are very doubtful and your foes are grim
 And everybody jeers you till your hopes grow dim;
 Still, you can make the riffle, you can come out best
 In spite of many doubters and of all the rest
 There’s nothing under heaven that a man can’t do
 If you have a little woman who believes in you!

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