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The Day After

From the Omaha Daily Bee, December 27, 1912.

 The stockings all are empty and brand new toys are broke,
     The Christmas tree’s a bit the worse for wear,
 Good Santa Claus has vanished for another year, at least,
     And his pocketbook is making papa swear.
 The doctors are quite busy making flying calls about,
     For Willie and poor Mamie have a pain,
 But had such fun that in despite of subsequent events,
     They’d like to have it over all again.
 The turkey stuffed and roasted and the toothsome big mince pie
     That made one feel serene and satisfied,
 When ‘round about the laden board the happy family sat,
     Till none could eat more good things if they tried,
 Have taken dire revenge, and since last night the folks look pale,
     And efforts to feel chipper are quite vain,
 But still the feeling of that dinner was so good a one,
     We all would eat it every bit again.
 That is the trouble with good times—you have to pay for them.
     But then they’re worth enjoying while they last;
 So it is wiser just to take the present when it comes,
     And not think what it will feel like when it’s past.
 Perhaps the wise and prudent will dispense with present joys,
     And shun bright nights with mornings cold and gray,
 But then they miss a lot of fun who always look ahead,
     Let good times go for fear of them next day.

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