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  • The Distant Hymn

    From the Omaha Daily Bee, September 29, 1912.
    By Wilbur D. Nesbit.
     In a throbbing cadence,
       Through the twilight dim,
     In a crooning murmur,
       Comes an olden hymn.
     Ringing, rising, falling,
       Soft and low and sweet,
     While the mellow echoes
       Whispering, repeat.
     Organ-tones and voices—
       Perfectly they blend,
     Till we fall to hoping
       That they will not end—
     That the lulling measures
       May drift on and on,
     Till they greet the rapture
       Of the glowing dawn.
     Rich and low and tender,
       On the air of night,
     Wafting with it incense,
       Bringing us delight,
     Comes the wordless music
       From the far away,
     Lending newer glory
       To the dying day.
     Thus may all the singing
       Echo to the throne,
     Like this hymn at twilight,
       Into beauty grown—
     Like this mellow music,
       Perfect and complete,
     Ringing, rising, falling,
       Soft and low and sweet.