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The Heart of Things

From The Detroit Times, February 13, 1914. By Berton Braley.

When you care for a girl—why, the world is a place
    That was only created for holding her,
And the day’s but a light that illumines her face
    And the night but a mantle enfolding her;
And when you are working or when you’re at play
    Your mind will not turn from the theme of her;
You muse and you think of her always by day,
    And when it comes night-time you dream of her!

Where you care for a girl—and the girl cares for you,
    Life seems like a pilgrimage glorious,
Where the breezes are sweet and the sky’s always blue
    And love is forever victorious;
When you care for a girl and the girl doesn’t care,
    Well, life’s dull and gray—there’s no doubt of it,
And it’s hard to keep on with a gay-hearted air
    When the light and the joy have gone out of it!

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