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  • The Missing Flowers

    From The Birmingham Age-Herald, May 15, 1913.
     By Samuel Minturn Peck.
     There was a little woman flower
         Sweeter far than all
     The violets and the daffodils
         That come at Springtime’s call.
     All the blossoms loved her,
         Even the happy birds;
     They piped their little hearts to her
         Because they had no words.
     ’Tis spring again. The skies are blue;
         Blossoms and birds I see
     But the little flower maiden—
         Oh tell me where is she!
     The sorrowing Wind low-answered:
         “Flower, and bird, and fern,
     And in the year, the autumn leaf—
         They only may return.”
     “’Tis true, tis true, O Wind,” I sighed,
         “Tis bitter, too, alack:
     In life what we love most and lose
         Can nevermore come back.”