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The Prime Need

From the Rock Island Argus, July 31, 1913. By Henry Howland.

She tried this thing and then tried that
    To keep from growing frightful;
She thought when she was like a slat
    That plumpness was delightful;
But, having lost her slenderness,
    She starved herself and banted;
Each added pound brought new distress,
    And dismally she panted.

She tried to fight the wrinkles back
    By using many lotions;
She sighed, “Alas!” and sobbed, “Alack!”
    And harbored sad emotions;
Her eyes, once beautiful, no more
    Were filled with fine expression;
She lost the smile that years before
    Had been her choice possession.

She tried in many, many ways
    To keep from growing frightful;
Of all things that she valued, praise
    Was always most delightful;
She mourned the hardness of her lot,
    Her eyes were often tearful—
And all because she’d just forgot
    The need of keeping cheerful.

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