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  • The Real Friend

    From the Omaha Daily Bee, September 11, 1912.
     If ever I find a people’s friend,
       Who does not brag about himself;
     And doesn’t seek some selfish end;
       Is not acquiring wads of pelf,
     But strives in honor day by day
       And always does the best he can
     To smooth the rough and rugged way,
       Over which must pass his fellow-man,
     I’ll cling to him with all my might,
       And sing his praises as I go.
     His speech will not be stale and trite,
       And in his eyes a light will glow.
     He will not spend his days in ease,
       While busy men are at their work.
     Mouthing the phrases thought to please
       To hide the fact that he’s a shirk.
     Nor will his bank account grow fat
       The while he fights the people’s cause;
     He will not seek the glory that
       Depends alone on men’s applause.
     But if he loves his fellow-men,
       And tolls for them, he will not care
     That he must labor often when
       There’s neither cheers nor spotlight’s glare.
     Too many pose as public friends
       Who merely work their tireless jaws,
     And use, to cover selfish ends,
       The mantle of the people’s cause.
     Too many drop all useless work
       To thrive upon this empty plea,
     That all the burdens now that irk
       Some day they’ll take from you and me.
     A people’s friend is one who strives
       Without a thought of gain or fame,
     To happier, better make our lives
       Than what they were before he came.