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The Spendthrift

From The Detroit Times, October 1, 1913. By Berton Braley.

If I had saved each penny
    Which foolishly I spent,
I’d doubtless now have many
    To keep me well content.
If I had thought and pondered
    About each single sou,
I doubtless would have squandered
    At most a very few.

But while the cash was clinking
    Within my portly purse
I spent it without thinking
    For better or for worse,
And now I’m pretty seedy
    And badly out at heels.
In fact, I’m broke and needy
    And ravenous for meals.

Ah, me, I’ve been a dancer
    To all the pipes they played,
And—well, you see the answer
    Before you here displayed;
The primrose path is sunny,
    But I am broke and done;
I should have saved the money—
    But I’d have missed the fun.

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