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The Spice of Life

From the Omaha Daily Bee, November 11, 1913. By S. E. Kiser.

I do not envy him who never
    Has borne the bruises of defeat.
Whose pathways have been smooth and fair,
    Whom Chance has never learned to cheat;
    For he has never claimed the sweet
Reward that comes to those who dare
    To be triumphant, to possess
    The splendid solace of success
Won after failure and despair.

I do not envy lovers who
    Have never found their love betrayed,
Who love but once and journey through
    Life by one little passion swayed;
    For they have never gladly laid
Aside the false love for the true,
    And they have missed the splendid thrill
    Who, having loved in vain, can still
Forget the ache and love anew.

I do not envy him whose days
    Have all been peaceful days and bright,
Who has not looked with envious gaze
    On luckier men who scorned his plight;
    For he has never won the right
To proudly listen to the praise
    Which is reserved for those who gain
    Their honors after bitter pain
And many storms and long delays.

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