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The Summons

From The Birmingham Age Herald, June 16, 1913.
 By Reginald Wright Kauffman.

 Oh, Summer’s in the land again, and Summer’s on the sea;
 Across the blue horizon rim the old gods beckon me;
 The little ships ride restless at their anchors in the bay;
 The birds are trooping northward, dear, and I must be away.
 I see the Savoy mountains white; I hear the sheep bells ring
 Below me in the valley where the little children sing;
 And high above the timber line, along the glacier track,
 The ice field and the summit snows, they whisper me: “Come back.”
 It’s well I know your tender heart and kindliness and grace,
 And well I know the gentle light that sanctifies your face;
 Unworthily, yet truly, I love you, Heaven-sent,
 And nowhere dear, save in your arms, shall I secure content;
 But sun and wind are calling me throughout the livelong day
 From distant lands I used to know - from all the Far-Away;
 Oh, Summer’s in the hills again and Summer’s on the sea,
 And summer’s in my heart, and you — well you must set me free!

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