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The System

From The Times Dispatch, October 16, 1913. By Roy K. Moulton.

When fellers come around and start to criticizin’ you,
And find fault concernin’ you and all the things you do;
When they suggest improvements and point out where you are lame,
And try to give you pointers on your own particular game,
Don’t stop to argue with ‘em, for your cue is to stand pat;
Jes’ do the best that you kin do and let it go at that.

When fellers tell you that you ought to spend a lot of dough,
And bust into society and meet folks you should know;
When they come round and tell you that you’re way behind the game,
And that the life you’re leadin’ is too commonplace and tame,
Don’t get excited and go on a social climbin’ bat,
Spend what you kin afford to spend and let it go at that.

When folks come round and tell you that you’re too big for your town,
That you should strike out for a place where you kin win renown;
When they inform you you’re a chump for working at your wage;
That you’re not where you should be for a man who’s reached your age;
When they try to swell your head so you can’t wear your hat,
Just keep your nut and peg away and let it go at that.

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